Friday, December 15, 2006

Where has that old friend gone?

As I listen to Josh Groban's February Song, I feel a little wistful that I will not be spending Christmas in Malaysia this year.

This year, I shall be in a country where reindeer skim the rooftops and Santa Claus and The Three Wise Men sing carols to Baby Jesus. Gardens will be filled with blinking ornaments signifying the holidays. Plastic snowmen will share the limelight with real snowmen. Snow angels will abound in freshly strewn sidewalks, touched by the soft breath of snow. Houses will look like visions from wonderland with candy canes and gaily decorated christmas trees that peep through the bay windows.

Is it fair to lament the bastardisation of Christmas?
This will be my third Christmas there. And I am still in awe at the lengths that people will go to.

I shall be taking a 3 week break from blogging, but I most definitely will be back with lots more to write about.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, folks!

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