Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Brunch at Bisou

Bisou Bisou Bisou

It promised to be a beautiful morning.

It was the kind of morning where it wasn't too hot and the skies were contemplating whether or not to shed tears, and to complete the picture, I had found a parking spot right in front of Bisou. For Bald Eagle, the icing on the cake was Liverpool's win over Aston Villa less than 12 hours earlier. :-D

big breakfast
Bisou Big Breakfast banana  muffin Hot chocolate banana muffin

We both had the Big Breakfast. At RM16(US$4.70), it came with 2 thick cut slices of toast, baked beans, a chicken sausage and two eggs (cooked to your liking). The chicken sausage wasn't the run o' the mill sausage sold in supermarket freezers in packs of 10 (and believe me, I have come across some, sold at premium prices, at restaurants); the herbs complemented the mild chicken flavour giving it a very pleasant bite. The sauteed mushrooms were exquisite - full of flavour although it was a little on the oily side. I thought the scrambled eggs were a little overcooked. I prefer my scrambled eggs slightly runny. But then again, it boils down to personal preference.

For an extra RM2 (US$0.60), we got a banana muffin. By this time, I was too full to enjoy anything else. I took one bite and passed the rest to Bald Eagle (who thankfully has a bottomless pit for a stomach and a high metabolic rate to burn the added calories quickly!).

Carrot cake Bisou Breads Bisou
Cupcakes Lemon Polenta Cupcakes galore!
Bisou Pies Bisou Sourfruit crumble

I didn't get to try the gorgeous looking cupcakes as I was too stuffed by this time. I did try the lemon polenta though (2nd row, centre pic), when I spent a perfect Saturday afternoon the day before at Nigel & Allan's office being fed by the duo on noodles and the most delicious tempe (fermented soybeans), and Just Heavenly Pleasures' extremely addictive sticky date pudding and Bisou's lemon polenta cake. (This reminds me of the story of Hansel & Gretel where the evil witch fattened up children only to eat them up, but I'm quite sure that I am not their flavour of the month. ;-) The delectable Kenny Mah, who was also also hanging out with us, would have made a better dish.)

So...back to the lemon polenta. I loved the texture of the cake. It was sufficiently moist, yet not dripping in sauce, a little grainy due to the polenta (ground cornmeal) but the flavour of the rosemary sauce (drizzled on the surface of the cake) didn't come through. It was, nevertheless, a lovely cake and I enjoyed every bite of it.

BisouBisou started operations on 20 July 2007 (same owners as Bijou and Bianco) and it has become progressively more popular as the office crowd seeks out new places to eat. It has just introduced some new items on its lunch menu, including baked eggplant, shepherd's pie and bangers & mash.

Also check out:

So Much Food, So Little Stomach

Asian Heritage Row
58 Jalan Doraisamy
50300 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2697 0131

Click here for map.

Opening hours: 9.00am - 11.00pm (Sun to Thur. Mon closed)
9.00am - 2.00am (Fri to Sat)


boo_licious said...

What a coincidence, we dropped by for tea today too. Loved this outlet vs Bijou as it feels more cosier plus service was excellent. We had the sour berry crumble which was good.

The sausage is from Jarrod and Rawlins. They serve the same one in Bijou and I agree it's good stuff.

Anonymous said...


Loved your blog!


Argus Lou said...

Opening hours 9am to 11am? Betulke, Lyrical?
Oooo... the iced cupcakes just make me wanna make my own. Pity muffin paper cups are so Xpensiv in Switz.

Hot Weisswurst made some coconut cake the other day. Today I cut a piece, warmed it up in the microwave and drizzled some melted gula melaka over it - yum!

Precious Pea said...

The Big Breakfast looks yummy! The i just had nasi lemak. Phew!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

yeah the scramble looks kinda overcooked..but just a whee bit i reckon..

looks like a nice place for tea..cant wait to try this out..

backStreetGluttons said...

while of late early mid mornings have not been particularly eatingorating for us tho of coz not for u what with all those AN heavenly pleasures , BE bottomless pit & ...delectable( sure or not ?) KM on everready feel-at-hand modes sommore.
The big red pop ending is simply lippilicious wish it was on

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


Looks like I missed you by a few hours! Yeah, it's really cozy and pretty, isn't it.

And thanks for the info, girl. BE's favourite in the entire plate was the sausage.

life unscripted!:

Love your name!! Thanks for dropping by!

argus lou:

what'll I do without ppl like you? :-P Duly corrected, ma'am. hehe.

Wah, your hot weisswurst really knows how to pamper you, hor? I wish my BE would bake something for me too, but the only thing he makes well is a hot cuppa coffee (and I lurve him for it!!). hehe.

Precious Pea:

Yeah, the Big Breakfast is yummy, and extremely filling. My next meal was only at 9.00pm that day. hehe.


To each his own, I suppose, eh? ;-) Yeah, it's a nice place to relax and unwind.

the team:

what can I say...I am truly blessed. :-)

Kenny Mah said...

So. I'm a dish now, am I?

... what kind? ;)

Rarebeet said...

Hah! I nearly went for tea yesterday! Great minds think alike hor? ;-) Lovely pics LL, think you really captured the feel of the place. Hey I think those are the same sausages they serve at The Magnificent Fish & Chip shop. They are really good! Come lets go and have battered sausage!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


Just the best kind.



I have yet to go to TMFCS. Yeah, let's do that much food, so little time. Sigh.

myCoffee said...

Beautiful place, beautiful breakfast and beautiful cakes! Especially the last picture of the cupcake.

Anonymous said...

You're getting really good in pictures, dear. ;)

Have a good day at work!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

mycoffee: was a very nice setting with lots of natural sunlight coming in. Loved it!


hehe. thank you, dear! You have a good day too, k. :-)

k.t.x said...

such a pretty and cheerful weekend u must have had huh??? lol.

one day i must check these western breakfast places out, but i need to stuff myself abit so that it will be a value-for-money

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

yes, it was a lovely weekend. hope yours was too.

daphne said...

that looks like a fantastic place to rest, relax and read newspaper/mags! The cupcakes look gorgeous as well...

Anonymous said...

oh, sunday brunch again! wonder when i'll be able to make it...the cupcakes look really nice, something like the new d'lish oulet in bangsar, they so have alot of colourful cupcakes :)

MeiyeN said...

i love breakfast set.. my god, da pics look so good... and da food, so irresistible, must drag my fiance here asap! thanks for introducing this place :D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


absolutely! that's exactly what we did at Bisou! hehe.

xiu long bao:

cupcakes seem to be the new in thing here in KL. I think u'll like Bisou.


well, it's not really a breakfast set. Coffee's extra. It works out to be about RM25 per person. Not too bad. Hope you have fun there with ur fiance!

wmw said...

Mmm....Yup, Sunday will be a good day to try out this place here!

Anonymous said...

Sigh, I have a sudden urge to sink my teeth into that cupcake with the pink icing. Looks yummy, that photo. ;-)

Argus Lou said...

Yorvelkum, Lyrical ZitroenG. I'm just a kaypochi (like kuih kochi) proof-reader/copy ed. (Hope the book I proof-read recently is A-OK or else malunya in September when it's published.)

Actually he made the nice cake for himself as coconut is not one of my fav flavours for cake, but I tumpang makan jugak of course, heh heh.
Ja, your Bald Eagle deserves to be loved for all that he is. *smooch*

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

wmw: don't have to fight for seats. :-)


hahaha. it does look delicious, doesn't it??

argus lou: so terror wan ar? I gotta mind my language from now on leh. What kinda books do you proofread? Exciting-nya!

Yeah, I'm thankful for Bald Eagle, even if he doesn't bake or cook. You should try his coffee someday. ;-)

~Christine~Leng said...

such lovely cupcakes! Oh.. another nice place to visit!

Unknown said...

another place for lovely cupcake..but this one taste good for a change..

Argus Lou said...

Na lah, small time only. When it is published, will bug u to buy at least a copy. I too contributed a short story to it.

Yes, I'd like to sample your beloved's kopi one day. (Eh, eh, that somehow sounds a bit naughty coming from me.) ;-P

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

christine leng:

yeah, it's a really pretty place with lots of natural sunlight.


for a change? LOL. you musta had a lot of bad experiences!

argus lou:

oh, it's a malaysian publication then? Oooo, you have a short story in there too??? Wahhh....I feel honoured to be in such great company!

My Bald Eagle will gladly make you a cuppa kopi, dear Argus. Don't blame me if you feel tingles of excitement, coz that's the effect that kopi has on me. :-D

Big Boys Oven said...

looks like a great place for a cup of coffee and a piece of cupcake.

sc said...

everything looks delish! and love the way you arrange your scrumptiuos looking photos!

Jackson said...

nice ambiance and wonderful desserts!!!

teckiee said...

Full breakfast! And look at those cupcake yum yum! .. i like the photos here too. like the koko pelli ones

Argus Lou said...

No-lah, Lyrical, real small-small one, and quite silly.
(I've emailed you for when I'm in M'sia.)
Hey, the sight of your cakes is making me plump; I try hard to concentrate on the pretty picture of the white flower in the clear cute vase. ^_^

Home Cooking said...

what a lovely stuff u got here, those pics rumbling my stomach

New Kid on the Blog said...

the pics look good and tempting... good shot...
oh ya, i like b'fast set... i bet the place is very comfy.

Tummythoz said...

Why long interval no updates? Quickly-lar.

msiagirl said...

Had a moment to pop by and see your lovely pics. Never get home till 5pm everyday, this jury duty thing is getting too much like a real job! have a lovely Friday and weekend coming up!

Kenny Mah said...

Eh, mana updates deh...?

P.S. Since you've shared your sexy self with the American and the Lizard last night, howzabout me tonight, babe? ;)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah wheres the next place for breakfast..waiting as well..

Bernsy said...

looks really delicious, definitely will drop by.

This weekend its against Chelsea.. Good luck !!

Anonymous said...

Think I will skip the breakfast and go for those delicious looking cup cakes instead. :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

BBO: yes, it's a great place to relax when you want to get away from it all. :-)

sc: thanks!! I hope you get to try the food there soon too. :-)

jackson: yep, I think you'll like it there. :-)

teckiee: glad u like the pics. The place is great for taking pics. Food's also yummy, so that's a bonus!

argus: well, small-small or big-big, I can't wait to read it. ;-) Can't wait to meet up when u're down in Malaysia. Be prepared to put on weight!

isha: I'm glad you like it. Thanks for dropping by!

nkotb: thanks thanks thanks!! It's a nice cozy place..great for relaxing. :-)

tummythoz: I've been busy. Well, I've just put up a new post. :-) Go drool. haha.

msiagirl: hope you had a nice weekend away from jury duty! Can't wait to see u when u're off jury duty and have resumed full-time blogging. ;-) Miss ya, girl!!

kenny: I think I've shared a lot of myself with ya, dontcha think? ;-) You should be vomiting by now...too much LL!! hehe.

nipples: gawd, am i so predictable? lol. okay lah, i've just put up my next breakfast post. :-P

bernsy: yeah, do try it out and lemme know what you think. are you an EPL fan too?

the cooking ninja: hehe. yeah. next time, it'll be just the cupcakes for me. :-)

Camemberu said...

oh wow you have a gorgeous blog! I'm adding you to my food blog list!

Collecting Moments said...

those cupcakes are calling me!!! Walked pass this place last week and it look gorgeous.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...



Honey Star:

Yeah, they're gorgeous, aren't they?