Saturday, January 20, 2007

Prawn mee a.k.a. lard noodles - Jalan San Peng

The formation of the Makan Club and our friendship began approximately six months ago with the anticipation of two events - eating char siew at Salak South and eating "lard noodles" at San Peng.

Pretty Pui, Bouncing Barbie and I were initially taken aback when the guys waxed lyrical about lard noodles. Seriously, how can anyone be excited about lard? Lard in this context is crunchy fried pork fat which is used in various chinese dishes like char koay teow, hokkien mee, and in this case, prawn noodles.

Bizzy Bertie and Ecstatic Eeyore described the dish as prawn noodles where half the bowl is filled with lard. Naturally, I wasn't too impressed with the description.

The stall is located at Jalan San Peng, just after the flats and opposite a TM building. There is an open air carpark (which is actually just a vast piece of empty land) across the stall, so parking is not a problem.

A normal bowl of prawn noodles at this stall contains a generous portion of prawns and kangkung (water convolvulus) with noodles of your choice in a thick murky broth of prawn and pork soup. The lard is added according to your preference. This is a picture of Smokin' SOB's bowl of noodles (with a normal serving of lard):

Ecstatic Eeyore's bowl looks like this:

Eeyore normally consumes a pot of chinese tea after eating his noodles in the hopes of washing down the fat and cleansing his system, but who's he trying to kid? :-)

We normally order a plate of steamed chicken together with our noodles. The steamed chicken is served on a bed of crunchy taugeh (bean sprouts) and is drizzled with aromatic sesame oil which adds a smooth texture and enhances the flavour of the chicken.

My initiation took place some time in July 2006. I have since returned to this stall several times.


boo_licious said...

Thanks for the tip. Been meaning to go to Jalan San Peng for a while, guess I better make a trip there soon as it looks good.

Precious Pea said...

Harlow!!! Boo asked me to pay your blog a visit. I find Estastic Eeyore's bowl is super delicious!!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

boo_licous: Looks like the trip was worthwhile, wasn't it? :-)

precious pea: Welcome! Do stay for more delicious fare! Yeah, Ecstatic Eeyore's food is yummy with so much lard, but you gotta pay the price lor..must exercise more!! :-)