Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas 2006

Note: This post is not related to Malaysian food. Writings on Malaysian food will resume when I am back from my vacation.

I've always enjoyed spending Christmas in Los Angeles with family. Christmas eve is spent reverently at church, and on Christmas day, we tear open the pile of gifts lying beneath the Christmas tree. Once we are done with the unwrapping, we end up with two big bags - one with all our gifts, and the other, our contribution to paper recycling.

This year was no different. The family knows that I have an unnatural obsession with snowmen, so I got my usual dosage of snowman gifts. I also received a bunch of iPod accessories for which I'm very thankful!

Christmas lunch consisted of a Malaysian spread of mutton mysore and other accompaniments. There were some non-Malaysians among us, so the Malaysian meal was a treat for them. For me, the meal was certainly comfort food! I admit, I do have a weakness for Malaysian food. The aroma of spices, the waft of belacan and other olfactory imagery get me excited.

There were, of course, the requisite Christmas cookies baked lovingly by Dennis. :-)

A blessed Christmas to one and all.

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