Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mr. Ho's Fine Foods - Siew Yoke

After eating food at stalls in the sweltering heat for a number of days now, I was desperate to go somewhere airconditioned. After weighing the options taking into account parking and distance, we agreed on Mr. Ho's Fine Foods in Midvalley Megamall.

Before I discovered the siew yoke (roasted pork) in Pudu, I would go to Mr. Ho's in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Admittedly, it's a little more expensive than siew yoke anywhere else, but I felt then that it was worth paying more for the lovely fatty piece of roasted pork.

The most noticeable difference between the siew yoke in Pudu and that of Mr. Ho's is the crust. The Pudu version has a thin, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth crust, while Mr. Ho's version is a little more thicker and crunchier. I guess it all boils down to personal taste.

The restaurant in Midvalley serves siew yoke in various dishes. Aside from the normal dish of siew yoke with rice, they also serve siew yoke with spaghetti. We ordered siew yoke with mashed potatoes and vegetables.

The restaurant was running a set lunch promo which included mushroom soup and coffee/tea. The soup had crunchy bits of mushroom, garlic and ginger, but I found the taste of garlic and ginger too intense. It was also a little too salty for my liking.

The siew yoke, on the other hand, was worth going for. Despite the uncreative selection of vegetables on the side (broccoli, carrots and cauliflower), the main part of the dish was lovely. The side serving of chilli sauce masked the flavour of the siew yoke, so after a while, I put it aside and concentrated on savouring the fatty, salty taste of the roast meat. It would have tasted better if it were served warm, though, but I was in a forgiving mood this afternoon. Yes, I do have a heart, girls.

The meal came up to RM22 per person. More expensive than Pudu, but hey, would you want to brave traffic and parking woes to queue up for forty five minutes to eat the siew yoke there? Okay, don't answer that. I know what I'd choose, but I'm not telling. :-P

Mr. Ho's Fine Foods

Lot LG-060A, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley Megamall,

Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-2284 1330 Fax: 03-2284 1330

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Anonymous said...

I like their mix grilled especially the pork tender and juicy...:)