Wednesday, December 05, 2007

House+Co and A Whiff of Kam Raslan

sambal sotong

I'm excited excited EXCITED! I can't stop jumping up and down.

Boing, boing, boing.....

nasi lemak Ummm. Food review. Yes, I was going to write a food review. One of my favourite foods too, the nasi lemak, in an elevated status. And this is important, because one has to realise that nasi lemak can be enjoyed in any form and anywhere. This meal, which once started off as simple fare of rice, cucumbers, anchovies and spicy sambal has since moved on to grander things. Sambal sotong (squid), sambal kerang (cockles), beef and chicken rendang have all been served with nasi lemak at one time or another. And really, should we only revere the makcik who sells nasi lemak by the roadside, with nary a utensil but her gnarled fingers to pack the various ingredients in a neatly folded triangular package, or should we open our minds and say, hey, I'm going to be objective about this? Even if it's a RM15 plate of nasi lemak?

Boing, boing, boing.... How can I possibly describe this ecstacy?

Nasi lemak

The nasi lemak at House+Co easily took my breath away when I first saw it. The presentation resembled a work of art. Depending on what you choose, the beef, chicken or squid sambal (all absolutely delicous) is creatively placed on a banana flower (jantung pisang?). I loved the long grained rice placed on a piece of banana leaf. Two different sambals were given - one to be eaten with the rice, and the other, presumably as a dip for the cucumber, sliced lengthwise. Portions were undoubtedly rather substantial, possibly to justify the RM15 pricetag. My verdict? Well-worth the money spent.

I can't contain this excitement! Boing, boing, boing......

Curry laksa

Another great dish is the nyonya curry laksa. Okay, there aren't many items on the menu, so one can't turn eating at House+Co into a daily affair. The nyonya curry laksa was served in a huge bowl, complete with my favourite ingredient - juicy cockles! The curry was a little on the thin side, but it merely meant that one could drink up to one's heart's content. Also priced at RM15.

Chicken pita

Other dishes included the Chicken Pita at RM12.

Syrup for sweetening the drinks

House+Co (cafe located at the back of the shop)
Second Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Time:
Tuesday—Sunday (closed on Monday)
Lunch: 10am—3pm / Tea time: 3pm—6pm

(no reservations accepted)

Boing, boing, boing....

Well, the reason I'm excited is because I've been featured, together with KAM RASLAN, in the same article in KLue magazine. KAM RASLAN!! The man who made my toilet sessions a little more bearable, even if I was spending longer hours on the throne. (No Boss, it wasn't period pain.) The man who turned me into a gentler person as I patiently waited for friends to turn up while I was deeply engrossed in his book, Confessions of an Old Boy: The Dato' Hamid Adventures. The man whom I admired from a distance at literary events. How does one approach such a person? It seemed silly. What would I have said? "Harlow, my name is...errr...Lemongrass. No, not the edible kind. Lyrical. L-Y-R-I-C-A-L. Ah? Stoopid ar? OH," I'd pause, "Anyway, can I have your autograph please? SIR?" And I'd probably walk away hurriedly in embarrassment, wondering why in the world I'd call anybody other than the Pope "Sir". I digress. KAM RASLAN!!



The good people of Abu Dhabi may view the pictures HERE.



HairyBerry said...

congrats on the KLUE feature! that's my toilet session relief..hehe..havent gotten my dec issue yet ...s stoopid question: what's the mint water for ar? drinking or wash hand? !blush!

cookies_cream said...

The plate of nasi lemak looked so "elegant"'s like a human being dressed up nicely to go to a high-class function! :P

Cynthia said...


Precious Pea said...

Boing boing boing....the nasi lemak looks fantastic! I like the way it's presented. So unique. For RM15, it's very reasonable. What is the last picture? The one with mint leaves?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

nic: hahaha. I guess we all have our special toilet reading material. And your question for the last pic is not a stupid one. :-) It's syrup for sweetening our drinks. Sorry...I should have labelled it! Just rectified.

cookies_cream: yes, it is lovely, isn't it? :-)

cynthia: thanks!

precious sista: I've just labelled the last pic. Sorry yar!

UnkaLeong said...

Bila nak belanja I? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Oh hey, that is such an honour! Congrats, girl! Now, when are you sending me that copy of Klue so that I "share the excitement"? ;p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

unkaleong: I should be asking you that question since you just got a NEW JOB.

barbie: Harlow, it's only 5 bucks. Go buy your own and boost the economy. Plus you can stare at Kam Raslan for as long as you like.

Kenny Mah said...

Gosh you sound like Nisa when I first introduced her to Kam. I can only imagine what you'd do if I ever get the chance to introduce you guys to each other.

More swooning? ;)

(makes note to self to build stronger arms to catch the lady as she swoons)

daphne said...

what a beautifully presented nasi lemak! i think u got a good find there!

and well done in getting that autograph!!!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Kenny Mah: How come you never introduce me to Kam Raslan wan? *makes note to delete Kenny's name from Christmas gift list*

daphne: Well, I haven't quite mustered the courage to say hi to Kam Raslan. haha.

yammylicious said...

'highclass' nasi lemak o?!
love the way they deco nasi lemak.. =)

undiscovered gryl said...

Wow..!! congrats..!! famous already..!! the nasi lemak looks so yummy..!! i have been craving for it.. for a week now.. :(

Big Boys Oven said...

congrats! will get the new issue an please autograph mine! lol! boing, boing, boing.....

k.t.x said...

brasmati long grain for nasi lemak? heheh, never try, but may be interesting. yeah, beautiful presentation too!!! like what unka said.....when? lol. would not settle for less than Rm75 a person kinda

Anonymous said...

At the rate I've been spending, I should be given an award for the nation's economic growth! ;p Thot u'd be excited enough to like buy 100 copies of the magazine for distribution...after autographing them! Was just getting in line. *pouts* U sure that I can still find a copy now??!

NekoHime said...

Ok... your pics... leave me drooling... *wipes drool off*

ling239 said...

i think your bouncing around is kinda contagious... feel like bouncing into House & Co now... boing ~ boing ~ boing ~

wmw said...

Congrats...Congrats again, first for the news on Friday and tonight!

Rarebeet said...

ahahaha... Can just imagine you boing-ing away! Congrats, can I get your autograph Mam?

Christina Kim said...

CONGRATS!! You really deserve it:)

Your pics of Nasi Lemak really seemed like it's made for a meeting presentation...hehe!!:D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

yammylicious: I love the presentation too! So beautiful!

BBO: Autograph? Hahahahahahaha.

wmw: thanks, girl!!

Paprika: It would be quite disastrous for me to boing in real life. :-P

msiagirl said...

Congrats! And that Nasi Lemak sure looks beautiful, wow! Make sure you scan in the article for me :) I'm sure you will get a chance to meet Kam soon - get the christmas fairy on the job.

tigerfish said...

The nasi lemak is presented so much like some kind of indian cuisine. Fabulous review :D

Tummythoz said...

*bobbing head up & down watching so many going boing boing boing* Luckily got my NL carb fix this morning but roadside stall only-lor.

Kenny Leong said...

its a plate art~

teckiee said...

LOL!I think you are jumping more than eating the food ;p

Sugar Bean said...

Passed by this restaurant but didn't pay much attention to it. Have to agree with you that the presentation of the food is really pretty. Perhaps we'll try it out next time!

Jason said...

Such a lovely presentation.

And continue to boing boing... heh.
Congrats sis! *hugs

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah yes that nasi lemak i must try..u knw the raslan brothers seriously so dmn alike? the 1st time i saw him on newspaper i was like, wait a min, i thought thats my boss?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

msiagirl: and who may this christmas fairy be? I'll be emailing u the out for it. :-)

tigerfish: isn't it nice to eat pretty food? :-)

kenny: plate art...that's kinda neat, eh?

teckiee: hahaha...nothing like a bit of boing-ing to keep the appetite up!

wenching & esiong: it doesn't only look tastes good too!

jason: haha..u can join me in da boing-ing if u like!

Joe: wey, Kam is way more handsome leh. heehee.

Sui Lin said...

house+co is like my secret hiding spot to have great nasi lemak... especially their ikan bilis... *slurps*

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Sorry to the following. A classic example of comments moderation totally screwed up. Sorry again!

mamabok: Awww you poor thing. I hope you get your nasi lemak soon!

k.t.x: maybe you and unkaleong should have a meal together. You guys will have sooo much to catch up on. :-P

barbie: lol. tellyewwat, i scan and give u a copy ler.

neko: hahaha! instead of drooling, just go out and makan, girl!

ling239: hehe. bounce away, girl!! woohoo!

christy: thank you! thank you! :-D

tummythoz: sorry problem with comments moderation. Sigh. I love this boing-ing. So much fun. Come join us!

sui lin: oops. secret's out. lol.

WokandSpoon said...

Wow - I love the nasi lemak presentation! Actually, I think I would eat any nasi lemak regardless of presentation! And congrats for the feature!

Chubbypanda said...

Ya know where nasi lemak can't be enjoyed? California. Someone open up a good Malaysian restaurant! *sob*