Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Lunch at The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar, Changkat Bukit Bintang

magnificent fish & chips

I really hate the name.

I mean, I would have visited this restaurant sooner if it had a different name. But it came highly recommended by so many people that we decided that we should just go and have a look for ourselves.

Also, I had been pretty well-behaved the whole week, and Bald Eagle didn't have an excuse to make me pay for an expensive meal again. He tried, though. As we sat down in the restaurant this morning, he thanked me for lunch. I merely fluttered my eyelashes at him (yes, it still works even after X years of marriage) and he knew what he had to do.

The restaurant looked quite nice and somewhat cozy. What's interesting here is that they don't have a food menu. Everything's written on several blackboards placed on the walls using just chalk. That's a cost-effective way of doing things. Of course, it can be quite a chore to walk up to the blackboards to figure out what you want to eat. And God forbid if you're shortsighted.

fish & chips

Paying due reverence to its name, we both decided to go with the obvious choice - fish & chips. Well, in all honesty, I was more keen on the big breakfast (it was, after all, just 11.15am), but when I found out that it wasn't very different from the other big breakfasts I had sampled at other restaurants, I figured I'd be better of with the fish & chips.

There is an astounding number of options just for fish & chips. Dory, barramundi, coral trout, parrot fish, grouper, salmon and silver cod at prices ranging from RM26 to RM45.

Once coated in batter, both choices (barramundi and parrot fish) tasted the same, although Bald Eagle's parrot fish had bones in it, so one would have to eat very carefully, or risk being rushed to the hospital (seriously, a friend just related that story to me where she had to seek outpatient treatment because she had a fishbone stuck in her throat - NOT at The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar).

I loved the thick cut potato chips. And dousing everything in vinegar (instead of Malaysia's all-time favourite chilli sauce) was so satisfying. I think the restaurant tried to make the experience as "authentic" as possible by putting layers of newspaper underneath a thin piece of white paper on which the fish was placed, and I suppose there was a certain charm to how it was presented. Am not sure of the practicality of such an action, though.

mushy peas

What I really enjoyed was the mushy peas. This is typical pub food and is probably quite simple to make by adding dollops of butter into mashed peas (sometimes mint is added to this, but I didn't taste any here). At RM5, the serving is substantial and sufficient for two. Did you know that in Yorkshire, this is called Yorkshire caviar?

latte The entire meal, with coffee and taxes, came up to RM90. Thanks, Bald Eagle! I love it when I'm well-behaved.

The Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar
28, Changkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2142 7021

Opens daily, 8.00am - 1.00am weekdays and 10.00am till late on weekends.

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msiagirl said...

Where's the rest of the chips? Getting your stomach in training for some stodgy british food? There's only cod, haddock and plaice if you're lucky here.

Argus Lou said...

Yay, mushy peas! I tried making it using Jamie Oli's recipe once or twice - the mint leaves do add some zing.

Love your picture of the sunlight coming through the green leaves, Lyrical.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


the chips are hiding under the fish lar. And yes, am training my stomach. haha. Actually, I kinda like fish and small quantities. Can't wait to see you soon, girl!

argus lou:

Hmmm. I must try making it at home too, since da Bald Eagle loves it as well. Hey, I'm glad you like the pic. :-) Lu sulah balik ar?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..ridiculously priced fish and chips..authentic i hear..i like then hahah..

you all are now forbidden to go to that area the restaurants for my baby project..let me see if i can get some response from the forum 1st..haha

mushy peas..thats baby food..

Precious Pea said...

Hahaha...with a name like that, I wouldn't walk in too. How much is a portion of fish and chips?

Jackson said...

yeah... i heard that they offered the best fish & chips in town,.... is that true??

fatboybakes said...

ooh, i love peas. i thought that was avocado. nigella always does peas. alas, i'm not really a fish and chips person... cant really take batter in large quantities. prefer a simple piece of grilled fish, naked.

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks great and yet a simple dish

backStreetGluttons said...

if can flutter lashes & TQ (still) after all theeessse xyz sequences means somethings brewing(real-ly good)
suppose becozzzz it shows in recent glowing pixs a subtle kind of sentimental though slightly restrained elegance ( must be de jaz )

k.t.x said...

unbelievable pricing for only 'ikan and keropok' if they did not coat it with batter and beer, kick them, if they did not coat it with german/czech beer kick them twice, if they dont hv ikan kembong or ikan masin, kick them thrice!!

my regular gourmet BKT shop specializes in fresh and excellent steam fish does not cost half of that for 2....kick them forever! lol.

gymbunni said...

Oh finally fish and chips served as it should be! Where else can you get those battered babies? Pricing seems a little steep though?

I love how you use eyelid batting as a strategy ;) YOU go girl!

dDonkey said...

love this place. James, the owners explains that the chips are made from fresh ingredients each day. Also there's no calamari on the menu as the ones in town aren't that great.

Oh well, try the fish pie. Yummy, cheesy and loads of potaoes. :D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


C' pay premium prices for good food, don't you? LOL on babyfood...must try it on my nephew next time. :-P

Precious Pea:

Fish n chips prices range between RM26 and RM45.


The fish n chips r pretty good. Best, I dunno lor.


peas must be a british thing, eh? But if Nigella approves of it, then I guess it's okay. Too bad you don't like fish n chips, or else we can go makan-makan minum-minum with da spouses together (being the good spouses that we are hahaha).


it was nice, but after awhile, can get jelak, especially if you have nothing to alternate with.

team bsg:

I still haven't seen that made in Port Klang Jaz yet.


variety is the spice of life. you want british chow, you gotta pay lor. Better than flying to London to eat the stuff, dontchathink?


Yeah, prices are a bit on the high side, but it's a nice relaxing place to hang out at.

one needs to know how to make full use of her assets. ROFL. I see you don't need lessons. :-D


Hi hi hi. I half expected to get an sms from you telling me that you spotted me in that area again! hehehe. Hey thanks for the recommendation. I shall have to try that awesome sounding fish pie. Hey next time u're going there, buzz me, k.

Anonymous said...

Mushy peas sounds interesting. I love green peas. But I don't think I wanna pay that much for fish and chip :(

Jun said...

wah lau... for that price, i'd rather have the mini kaiseki tht u and boo had at hilton...

Unknown said...

haha..u better behave for the rest of the weeks..looking forward for ur well behavior brunch this week

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


hehe. well, u can always go for mushy peas and beer. :-)


yeah, the kaiseki was pretty good. Me...I enjoy all kinds. :-P


Hehe..I'm looking forward to it too. :-D

amna said...

lovely pics.. the fish and chips look especially awesome!

sc said...

the name of the restaurant reminds me of some comic book title ;). looks good though, and i love potato anything, bet the potatoes tasted fantabulous. seems a tad pricey for f&c though..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


thanks! it tasted good too. :-)


oh yes, the potatoes were very very good! I'm sure you'll love it.

MeiyeN said...

woohoo... mushy peas, i love them! i think i better visit bijou 1st for its breakfast set ;)

teckiee said...

Ok.. save money for the "best fish n chips"...better than flying to England and eat good fish n chips from the street hawker.

Anonymous said...

The newspaper thingy I think they are trying to give it a English touch. It seems pretty expensive for a fish and chips dinner.

Kok said...

Not jelak meh after you eat the mushy peas?

Argus Lou said...

Am still in KL till Thursday night - now imagining how to pack all the spices, gula merah, kopi powder and mooncake into my check-in bag. Mind you, just thinking only, not actually packing yet. ^_^
I need a slave boy. Any volunteers?

Anonymous said...

I can feel it's good fish and chips. And mushy peas....I miss those that usually comes with the authentic fish and chips.

Were you expecting an exotic restaurant name? And you know, I like "blackboard with chalk" effect - gives a homey feel...dunno why. But I do think I may have a problem reading off the board since I'm seriously short-sighted :O

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


decisions, decisions, eh? LOL.


exactly! hehehe. Of course, I'll be getting the real stuff soon...woohoo!!


heyyy....yeah, u're right..they are trying to make it more "authentic".


yeah, jelak! But it was so good that I tarpau'd the balance to eat at a later time. :-D


u can't ask for the services of a slave boy without promising any "returns". ;-)


Maybe you can make some mushy peas at home? There are loads of recipes on the net. See argus' earlier comment - she used JO's recipe. Sigh...our eyesight seems to be failing as the years go by, huh? I'm also shortsighted. :-(

daphne said...

looks like my comment disappeared! argh blogger! I was saying that I'm surprised by their wide range of fish!!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

WOO HOO Where's the newspaper? |-\

Collecting Moments said...

wo wo wo rm90!?? Yea, you are right premium prices for good food. Too bad I dont have a thing for fish.

Pink Elle said...

Yum it looks good but a bit ex la no? Must be cos of the posh settings!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


yeah, that sometimes happens, doesn't it? (Remember, it's the hungry ghost festival. haha) Like you, I was surprised by the variety too. Definitely not your road-side fish n chips van!


got mah. blow up the pic and look closely. :-P

honey star:

yah...a bit expensive, no doubt, but good stuff. too bad abt the fish. have u met wmw? :-P

pink elle:

actually, I don't think the settings are posh. Everything's rather down to earth. Quite nice, really. It's the kind of place that one can sit at all day.

dDonkey said...

hahaha.. :) Haven't been in the jalan alor area for a while now.

But will definitely give you a buzz when I go there again. Maybe next week. James will be back from England with a guiness draft tap or something like that. :)

Introduce you to him?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Hey Brian! I'm afraid I won't be in town for a bit, so we'll only be able to meet up after Raya. Thanks for the offer, tho!