Thursday, July 26, 2007

La La Chong Seafood Restaurant, Subang

lemon1. The idea of bliss (or What Lyrical Lemongrass Did This Evening).

Sitting in the kitchen of Just Heavenly in Bangsar.

Watching Allan, covered in flour from head to toe, kneading baby blue fondant.

Pleasant conversation.

Savouring moist chocolate cupcakes topped with freshly made icing.

2. Diamonds are a girl's best friend
Bouncing Barbie

Just as friends come and go, so do Makan Club members. Bouncing Barbie made a decision to choose polished diamonds over diamonds in the rough and we wish her well.

Bangsar isn't that far away, dear friend, and we'll definitely carry on our "makan" sessions. 14 years is a long time to know someone. I still remember going to work in Bus No. 5 when we were still new at the office! Now there won't be anyone visiting my room at 12.30pm and asking me, "So what's for lunch today??". We wish you all the love and happiness that diamonds can't buy.

3. A feast, no less

four-angled beans with tuna salt-baked crabs
lala in superior soup salted egg yolk crabs

The Makan Club has been visiting La La Chong for close to 10 years. Many special moments have been celebrated here, birthdays mostly. On the occasion of Barbie's farewell, it seemed only appropriate that it be spent here, in La La Chong, together with three of her closest friends and colleagues.

We wanted old favourites. So we asked for fern stir fried with tuna. Unfortunately, they had run out of fern, and offered to replace it with four-angled beans instead. Thankfully, the substitute was quite delicious with lots of tuna and chopped chillies stir fried with the vegetables.

Another old favourite is Siong Tong Lala (Lala in superior soup). The shellfish is cooked in a fragrant soup with a generous amount of wine thrown in to bring out the flavour of the dish. As always, we were extremely pleased with this dish.

The crabs, on the other hand, brought out mixed reactions. We all liked the salt baked crab dish which was fried with ginger. However, the salted egg yolk crab dish failed to impress us. The crabs appeared to have been deep fried, so any attempt to scrape the roe from the shell would have been futile, and the flavour of the dry sauce seemed to have been marred by an excessive usage of salt (presumably used to enhance the flavour of the salted egg yolk).

grilled mackerel

The grilled mackerel is one of my favourite dishes here. The sauce used to marinade the mackerel tasted similar to a kabayaki sauce made of soy sauce, mirin and sugar. The fish was so delicious, I had no trouble finishing it up!

We still have fond memories of this place. I'm not ready to write it off just because of one botched recipe.

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La La Chong Seafood Restaurant
Lot PT6824, Terminal 3, Abdul Aziz Shah Airport, Subang.
(directions: Head towards Terminal 3, Subang Airport. At the traffic light, turn right)

Tel: 03-7859 1906


sugar&spice said...

Food looks good and seems like they do serve a menu that is less conventional..never heard of fern with tuna before seriously

Precious Pea said...

All the best Barbie.

Luscious sista, don't be sad yah, now you get discount for diamonds.

MeiyeN said...

ooo... this's our favourite place for birthday celebration too!!!! :D loved da mackerel alot... love da crabs here! never tried fern with tuna before.. will take note of this and order it next time, thanks! :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the mackerel looks japanese style..ferns with tuna is a first time hearing..hahah people come people go..instead of popping get the phone call..theres also 3g mah..

UnkaLeong said...

Bye Bye Bouncing Barbie...all the best ;)

Position for Dim Sum expert now open?

tigerfish said...

I prefer the feast and a bit of the bliss such as the moist chocolate cupcakes :)....Oh, the Siong Tong LaLa look SO GOOD! No wonder the restaurant put it's name to it..La La...

k.t.x said...

u had NO TROUBLE finishing it up huh? LOL LOL LOL.


incidentally, grill mackerel with salt is also my fav, as it only brings the best flavor out of the fish, that is, if the fish is fresh!!! lol.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


Fern and tuna is our favourite. You should have seen the disappointed looks on our faces when they told us they had run out of fern!

precious pea:

Precious sista, I can't even afford diamonds on a discount! :-P


hehehe. we have the same taste in crabs!! :-D Yeah, do try the pakupakis with tuna...very nice.


yeah, i'm quite sure it's japanese style. Oh, I'm sure we'll keep in touch, especially where there's good food to be eaten. :-)


interviews will be conducted in due course. will put u down as a candidate. :-D


yeah, that's their specialty. I enjoyed the bliss again last night (tar pau'd some home!).


oooh, we have so much in common, hor? U can belanja me anytime, babe.

KampungboyCitygal said...

mei yen's favourite does it compare to pantai seafood at kg sg ara? wanted to bring my parents for seafood

sc said...

so sad, another makan kaki left? but am sure you'll still meet barbie for makans in the future. 14 years sure is a long time :)

Jackson said...

wow.. lalachong!! Can i be the members of yr makan club??

Paprika said...

You know what I love most of all about this place? The name! La La Chong! Its fantastic! Catchy, precise and potentially more chi chi sounding than Paris Hilton!

Xiu Long Bao said...

Oh...14 president u started working at the age of 11 ah? I thought u are 25 only?

barbie said...

LL dear, once a Makan Club member, always a Makan Club member. So, sorry Unkaleong, but hands off my title! :o) Thanks to you and Precious Pea for your good wishes.

No worries LL, once I figured out how to fit mischief into my new routine, will be sniffing out different kind of gems for you - good food! - in the vicinity of my new place. ;p

Argus Lou said...

This LaLaLand will be another place you might want to bring me to, lil' sis Zitrongrass. ^_^
I can slurp up a whole plate of lala by myself, tenkyuverimutch.

IronEaters said...

those scrumptious looking pics!esp the seafood!!

wmw said...

All the best to you, Barbie...but am sure since you left Ken you have been having a whale of a time! :o)

WokandSpoon said...

Gorgeous photos once again! And I sooo miss four-angled beans!

Ginger said...

looks good!

pls add my food blog


Rasa Malaysia said...

All my favorite seafood dishes...heard so much about Lala Chong from BSG during my last trip home...the lala's are certainly calling my name. :P

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


They both have their fortes. Both restaurants are strong in certain dishes, so it all depends on what you intend to order. Pantai is also a little bit more expensive.


Yeah, sad that she's left. But you're right..we'll still meet up.


Sure you can. First, you have to work in my office. LOL.

Paprika:'re does have a nice sound to it!

xiu long bao:

Hehe...maybe I knew Barbie before we worked in the same office? ;-)

Barbie: expecting a report from you soon, k. Pls submit a 900 word report on why you think Bangsar food is better than Pudu.


Can can!! You'll have to compete with me on the slurping part. I love soups and will defend it with everything I've got!!


hehe. Yeah, it's pretty good!


Believe it or not, Barbie's hubby's name IS Ken. harharharhar!!


You poor're missing a lot of local food, aren't you? I hope you get to eat some of these soon!!


Thanks for dropping by! Will check out your blog.

Rasa Malaysia:

Oh, it's BSG's favourite seafood restaurant too? Well, I hope you get to dine at this restaurant soon, RM!

team bsg said...

it was our fave when we could dine outside below da stars & Boeings and then make more noise than those airbuses & mig 21s,
some yrs ago before it became a bit too famous now esp after the makan gangs descended en masse

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Team BSG, I was thinking the same thing too! Parking used to be such a breeze in the old days, but now, have to park at the back summore. I miss the old days.

Ginger said...

wah. i love and 4 angled beans and grilled mackeral.. looks very delish!