Saturday, July 14, 2007

We'll Always Have Our Durians

He called me at 7.00 in the evening.

"Are you free to meet me?", he asked.

"Not now", I whispered conspiratorily. "I'm in a meeting."

I called him back at 8.00pm.

"Meet me now", he said. He proceeded to explain to me why he desperately wanted to see me.

I sensed the urgency in his voice and agreed to see him despite the late hour.

As I waited for him, my heart beat faster.

When he arrived, he wasted no time in taking out the most beautiful sight any woman could ever hope to see. Thorny and hard, the smell drove me wild.











If friendship were measured by durians, this guy's a keeper. *hugs*


lightfl said...

It is durian's season again...yeah...durian durian...

Argus Lou said...

You're killing me, LemonG.
Oh, I can almost smell it!
Strangely, after puberty, I could no longer eat uncooked durian.
The after-gas burping tortures me too. ;-P

msiagirl said...

LOL!Who so kind, share durian with you? :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


yup! woohoo!!!

argus da lou:

What a pity, Argus! But you're okay with pengat durian, pulut durian and tempoyak?

I love the aroma of durians. My car still smells of durians, even though it's been more than 3 days since I carried those durians home!

I can't stand the burps, either, unless they come from me, in which case, it doesn't make a diff coz I can't smell my own burps! :-P Try travelling long distance with a carload of people who have just consumed durian...oboy...!!!


A very kind friend.. :-) I'm surrounded by wonderful people and feel really blessed. :-) You're one of them, msiagirl, and everytime I inhale the scent you made for me, I smile and remember what fun we had when u came to KL.

Argus Lou said...

I've only tried durian bubur cha-cha and traditional durian cake (pan-cooked to a thick lump - mmm, fragrant!) and western cake made with real durian flesh. All these I like.
Tempoyak sounds like a killer - the Malay version of gorgonzola or blue cheese. ^_^

Could smell my own (durian) burps - terrible! Pepperoni or capsicum too, can't take.

Had only one experience driving friends with durians - never again!
It's worst than sitting next to a cinemagoer eating dried sotong.

The Cooking Ninja said...

ooooohhhhhhh .....I almost lick the screen to taste your durian. Your pic is so good that I can even smell and taste it.

wmw said...

Gotta ask Teckiee when's the durian party lah...

team bsg said...

we can now confirm that U represent d epitome of an Xtrasensory eye & smell connnoisseur , definite requisites to embark on the next highest( ultimate ) level of more such hard sensuous thorny pamperments deep in da heart of unvirgin jungles of Bentung , Bukit Gantang and probably even Cameron Highlands. Yr guides are waiting for da nex command

cookies_cream said... have such a nice friend~!!! Must keep must keep~! It's been ages since I last makan durian..sobsob

boo_licious said...

yes, pls sms teckiee and say we now crave durians! Yum. I feel like reaching out for some soon.

mama bok said...

You lucky gal..!! Sure is a keeper.. that guy !! maybe some brownie points too.. eh..??

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

argus sweetie:

Oooh, now u have me dreaming of durian cheesecake from Bijan, chocolate durian from Just Heavenly Pleasures and durian tiramisu (yet to taste, but heard so much of) from Fatboybakes. Gotta love the fruit!! Argus Argus, when you come down, we'll do a processed durian feast, k. :-)

I love tempoyak with ulam (raw veg), but not many places serve it. Maybe that's why I love smelly cheese too. :-P (Is there anything Lyrical Lemongrass hates?? :-P)

Dried sotong - I have some dried sotong in my office. Everytime I whip it out, everyone's noses wrinkle in disgust. They call themselves Malaysian, somemore! Cheh! :-P

the cooking ninja:

Glad to know that you haven't forgotten ur roots. :-P


Poor Teckiee is rather busy, isn't she?? Maybe you should take over the planning? :-D

team bsg:

I'm beginning to understand your cryptic language...woohooo!!!....does this mean that I qualify to join the team? :-) So if we do a durian food crawl, you'll take charge of the planning? Can heard that? :-)


Yep, he's a great friend, and I intend to keep him...not just coz of the durians, but for a lot more reasons. :-) I hope you get your durians soon, girl. :-)


I think Team BSG should take over this from Teckiee since she's swamped with work. Teckiee can turn up to eat when the time comes lor. :-)

mama bok:

hahahahaha. Yeah. He's a keeper, alright. Brownie points, eh? We'll just have to wait and see, won't we? ;-)

KampungboyCitygal said...

i just got my durian fix at just heavenly..yummmmmmmm

Sze said...

am i the only m'sian who doesn't like the stuff?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


I'm so jealous! :-P


LOL! Just about... :-P Have you met Argus? Argus doesn't like unprocessed durians. :-P

tigerfish said...

I was SO SO SO delightful to find durians recently in the US...ho ho ho...I thought durians were fruits that I can just dream about here. Surprisingly, "creamy" and so nice....

MeltingWok said...

Terima kasih banyak2, ll :PPPP Temporarily..I've to stay from your blog, and the rest of the beloved MY floggers :PPP

jason said...

You're meeting your "secret lover" eh?? ^^

Precious Pea said...

Lucky you! Must share, Sista, must share share!

sc said...

phew..*wipes forehead*.. luckily i had my dose of durians yesterday, else looking at these pics are pure torture!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


I'm glad you managed to find durians. I hear they're terribly expensive in the US, though. But what price happiness, eh? :-)


LOL. Don't be like dat, la. We still fren fren rite? Come come, I give u durians to eat.


You mean my secret love - D U R I A N S. :-P

Precious Sista:

Hehe. Like how you shared Max's oysters with me, issit? :-P :-P heeheehee.


Hehe. We're so fortunate. :-)

barbie said...


Lyrical Lemongrass said...


I LOVE you too, dear. :-P

babe_kl said...

i had so much durian last week that ulcers started to sprout in my mouth :p but who cares... kekeke

xiu long bao said...

We are biting the comp screen...ouch!

We = my lil' princess & I.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


omg girl! u must be in so much pain! I went thru that a couple of years back, so I know how bad it can be!

xiu long bao:

hehe! trying to imagine the both of you biting the screen. Of course, Li'l Princess would look cuter doing that, lor. You'd just look weird. hahaha.

barbie said...

*comes back, sniff long and hard at pictures, drooling like a waterfall and tries again scrape the pulp off the screen* *wails in despair and leaves morosely*

Q: Durians for lunch today? *hopeful face*

fatboybakes said...

ah, hence the question how long they can last without opening!!!

myCoffee said...

Ah..., durians are the love of my life! LOL!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i can smell the durian d lor...looks like we know wat birthday cake to buy for u!

Jason said...

That's what i meant, 'diddle' I? :D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


Poor dear. Still no durians. U need to grovel more, girl.


ya lor. Sadly, I finished them all, so none left to make durian cheesecake. Next batch maybe. :-)


Aiyoh...looks like we shall be constantly fighting for the last piece if we were to eat together!


You're getting me a birthday cake?? *wide grin*


hehe. :-P

WokandSpoon said...

he brought you durians!! What a charmer!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


That's what I call a true friend.

Argus Lou said...

Ulcers in the mouth? Chamomile tea is an excellent cure and pain extinguisher. Found that out from a dentist, some more -- last year when I had a crop of painful ulcers.

Dr Zitrongrass

Lee Ping said...

Malaysian durian used to have worms when I was growing up. This one is perfect! I love Malaysian durians. We can only get frozen Thailand durians in the US.

p/s I am still swallowing my saliva....

gRaCe said...

Hie..Hie..! Durians..Yum! Yum! Ur pics r making my stomach growl early morning, dear. Hahah... I love durians..but sumhow my younger brother hates them, so does my eldest cousin. *shakes head* Hahah..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...


that's a useful remedy! Doctor, doctor, zitrongrass got any use ar?

lee ping:

I love our local durians. You know what, I can still eat somemore durians. I'm gonna get ulcers just like Babe soon!


the poor dears! they dunno what they're missing!!

Lee Ping (Mrs.HBT) said...

You get ulcers for eating too much durians? I get cold sores. Usually, I eat durian (frozen) with a side of chrysanthemum drink. I would like a side of mangosteen (but often times, they are not available here).

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

U poor thing! Cold sores are much worse compared to ulcers! Yeah, mangosteen would be 'em too. :-)

Honey Star said...

:D funny post...u got me thinking of very nasty raunchy things....tiba tiba...its Durian. HAHA

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Honey star: Hehe! That was my intention. ;-) So have you had any durians lately?