Sunday, May 13, 2007

Red Velvet if you please

red velvet friand2
I first read about the Red Velvet cake in the New York Times on February 14 this year.

A red cake? I was sceptical. I read on. Apparently, the cake, which purportedly originated from the South (of the US of A, not Malaysia!) had been around for several years already, but only gained popularity of late thanks to various celebrity endorsements. Cocoa is normally used to obtain the dark colour which is further enhanced with red food colouring, although some purists use red beet as an alternative for natural colouring.

I scoured the internet for recipes, but never got around to baking the cake. And so I archived it in the recesses of my memory.

box of surprises

Blogger, Riz, after learning about my mini-obsession with the Red Velvet, surprised me yesterday with a couple of beautifully presented boxes of cupcakes, one of which contained, surprise surprise, Red Velvet friands. Thanks, man!

The cupcakes and friands, baked by his friend, Aida, not only looked good but were scrumptious too. Aida takes orders, so if you wish to contact Aida, do drop me an email and I'll give you her number. (Check out Riz's gorgeous collection of photos of Aida's cooking and baking here.)

The Blueberry Cupcakes with Cheese Topping were as good as they looked.

banana poppy seed cupcake
And who can resist something as exquisite as the Riz Banana Poppyseed Friands with Lindt Chocolate Frosting? (Aida named this friand after Riz!)

red velvet friand1

As for the Red Velvet friands, they were exactly what I expected them to be. Mini cakes that were moist but not too dense, with a very slight recognisable taste of chocolate and with a texture that resembled a cross between a butter cake and a muffin; but the deep red colour throws one off into a different dimension, defying all sense of rationality and expectation. I love the cheese frosting which was very good and perfectly complemented the cake.

In the words of Alannah Myles, with a slight twist of course....

Red velvet and that little boy smile
Red velvet with that slow southern style
A new religion that'll bring you to your knees
Red velvet if you please.


msiagirl said...

Hey, you food bloggers are so nice to each other always bringing cakes! I wonder why the choc cake is red? It's a nice name though - I like those song lyrics! Have a weakness for southern food (and cowboys, but that's another story) and was looking on the internet for a recipe for peach cobbler, mmm mmm! So if I ever get round to making it, will try to take a picture :) Good luck to Aida on her bizness - they look gorgeous.

Riz Ainuddin said...

Actually Meena, Aida's already started taking orders if anyone is interested. These are just a few of many she bakes and cooks. Will later flourish you guys with her exquisite menu ok. :)

Also, thanks for writting bout this. Even me haven't write or feature bout it. :))

Hope you really enjoyed the cakes.

wmw said...

Haha...came in here and saw that we both blogged about desserts. I posted on Nigel's Just Heavenly Pleasures.

Beans said...

oh my... what decadance... wish i could have a bite =)

boo_licious said...

Sigh! Didn't get to sample any of Nigel's cakes today even though I went twice to the shop. Yum! The cakes look really good. Thanks for the tip, will pass this to my friend who was on the look out for cakes to order.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

ra°: Duly amended! Yes, do let us know about Aida's menu. The cakes were really good! I'm going to contact Aida soon to get more! :-D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

msiagirl: lol! One of the benefits of blogging is getting to eat good food with fellow bloggers. ;-) Red Velvet isn't chocolate cake. It contains cocoa but not much of it. Yes, do make that peach cobbler and photograph it! I'll be the first to drool. :-)

wmw: I'll check ur blog out shortly. I hope to visit Nigel & Allan's new shop soon.

~Bee Nee~: Do get the recipe and try it. :-) For me, one of the pleasures in life is eating such scrumptious food!

boo_licious: U went twice and didn't try the cakes? How come? And yeah, you can ask your friend to get Aida's number from me.

sc said...

the cupcakes and friands looks so pretty! the 1st time i've heard of red velvet cake was frm the show Apprentice; they created a red velvet flavoured ice cream. the friand must've tasted devine..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

if theres anyone else looking for tasters..theres a very willing flogger here!..

Jackson said...

*wink wink* Why i dun hv cupcakes a???

Unknown said...

gurls, i was told there might be a cupcake party by Aida!!! so watch out for it.

Rarebeet said...

Those cakes look delicious! Such a lucky girl you are!! Wish someone would bring me cakes. :-(
I tried making red velvet cake once, it was horrible! Ended up with mauve coloured bread! Eeeee...

Henry Yeo said...

will post about my miri jazz trip soon, with minimal food blogging. I did get to eat Mee Krokop and Midlin while I was there...and miri version of pork knuckle :P

drool baby drool

PS: you got myles CD?

Precious Pea said...

Aikksss...I am now eating Mango cheesecake while reading your blog. Lucky me or else i will run down to secret recipe. Hahaha!

Tummythoz said...

Since I pop over this morning, d song had been spinning on my mind. Still going strong until NOW! How how how? Just a theory. Mayb a bite or 2 of those purty 'lil things will help ...

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

SC: they not only looked good, they also tasted good! What's a red velvet flavoured ice-cream? Hmmmm.

joe: hahaha. I shall advertise ur services.

jackson: come and get it!

babe_kl: thx for the info. :-) Aida will be shocked when she sees so many hungry floggers.

paprika: lol! Mauve?! hehe. Keep trying, and remember that I'm a willing guinea pig.

henry yeo: what's miri version of pork knuckles like? Faster post! And u mean Myles cassette, rite? lol. Daulu daulu, where got CD one? :-P

precious pea: wei, Secret Recipe may not be able to compete with these babies. :-P

tummythoz: lol! Sorry girl...sudah habis! Now u got Myles in ur head and nothin in ur tummy! Poor dear.

Anonymous said...

Such pretty little cake-y babes! *tummy growling, hungry for desserts*

Anonymous said...

Wow, you think about something and that "thing" will appear right in front of good arh! *envy envy*

Unknown said...

cup cake party!! woo-hoooo..why is the cake red? any red coloured infused ingredients?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

jason: I have a weakness for pretty little cupcakes. They not only make great photography subjects, but taste wonderful too!

tigerfish: lol. You have a point. In a lot of cases, it is true with me. ;-)

kampungboycitygal: I'm not sure how Aida makes her red velvet friands. Ppl either artificially colour their cake or use beetroot to give the cake a red tint.