Monday, April 23, 2007

Vintry, Damansara Heights

Saturday night.


I had just come home.

Exhausted, after a long day, I threw my car keys on the table.

"There's no dinner!", I yelled from downstairs.

All I heard was the TV blasting at 150 decibels, way past the threshold of pain.

"I'm not cooking! I'm too tired!", I yelled again to get his attention.

Still no response. He was definitely engrossed in the football game.

I crawled upstairs. "There's no food", I said. Then in a moment of weakness, a wave of compassion hit me. "I'll take you out for dinner. My treat."

That last remark got The Bald Eagle's attention. "I'll have to be back by 9.55pm. Liverpool's playing", he said.

"Sure!", I replied. Dinner at the nearby mamak stall wouldn't take long. "Let's go now."

As I was driving out of Bukit Jelutong, I casually asked The Bald Eagle to decide where to eat.

"Vintry", he said.

"Vintry? In Damansara Heights??", I asked incredulously. "But we're not even properly dressed to eat anywhere other than at a mamak stall!"

I was dressed in the same rags that I was wearing the whole day, while he was in board shorts and T-shirt.

"It's okay. It's a neighbourhood restaurant anyway", came his smug reply.


I obliged because I was still feeling guilty about not providing food on the table.

cabernet sauvignon
Fifteen minutes later, we were parked in front of Vintry. We turned up with no reservations, and were shown to the only available table. I love the dark shadowy ambience at Vintry with a few lamps placed in strategic spots to enable people to see their food. It was so dark that no one could see how sorry looking we were.

I had been on a food crawl with a few bloggers (WMW, Precious Pea and Boo_licious) earlier in the day, and was stuffed after eating 1/4 duck with a plate of rice, ice cream and some fancy drink and char siew after that. And that was after eating curry chee cheong fun for breakfast. So understandably, I wanted something light for dinner.

pork burger 2
The spirit was willing but the flesh was certainly weak. Unlike The Bald Eagle, who exercised restraint by ordering a plate of Korean fried noodles, I gave in to my desires and ordered a pork burger with blue cheese. The burger was huge! The thick patty, sitting on a bed of lettuce, was made with ground pork meat that was really delicious, and it was topped with a piquant blue cheese dressing that enhanced the flavour of the pork. They went so well together. A solitary slice of overfried bacon was thrown in, almost like an afterthought, which I thought the burger could have done without. Raw sliced onions completed the picture. All these were sandwiched in between toasted buns scattered with sesame seeds.

korean noodles
The Bald Eagle's Korean fried noodles with caramelised roasted pork looked very much like a plate of instant noodles (maggi goreng). The noodles were, nevertheless, springy, and the star attraction in that dish was the roast pork, fried with soy sauce until caramelised, and served on top of the noodles.

board games
It was a very satisfying meal and a nice end to a hectic day. We made it back on time to watch Liverpool play. And he footed the bill. Sweet.

Other reviews:-
130, Jalan Kasah, Damansara Heights, KL.
Tel: 03-2094 8262


Tummythoz said...

Remembered that I tried blue cheese once. I balked. Mayb I'll just stick to Kraft Singles. But that pattie looks awesome.

Pink Elle said...

My bro's been waxing lyrical about this place! And you shouldn't feel bad about not putting dinner on the table! Even us girls need time-off sometimes :) Plus it gives you the chance to try nice restaurants!

Precious Pea said...

Nice dinner! At first, I was wondering if this is the same "SATURDAY" that I had in mind. BINGO!
The pork burger looks so succulent...and ooo...onions!!

fatboybakes said...

omigawdddd....this, and the preceding pics of that orgasmic looking siew yoke. you need to put one of those health hazard warnings at your blog lerrr girl.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

tummythoz: the patty was really thick and meaty. so good! yeah, blue cheese is an acquired taste.

pink elle: To be fair to The Bald Eagle, I haven't been cooking much for him because work has been taking up most of my time. Time to go for a cooking class and whip up a nice romantic meal for him. :-)

precious pea: ya lor...same saturday! what a glutton, huh? I wrote this before seeing your posts, so I've just linked you guys up.

fatboybakes: lol! I think the health hazard thingy has already been done by KYSpeaks. Glad you enjoyed the did, didn't ya??

Anonymous said...

Oooiyoooo, glutton! A whole day of good food, how bad could your day have been? Except, maybe being tired of eating again??!! I only had oats and noodles on Saturday ok. *sad puppy look*

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

you never fail to bring your camera with you eh? even if the original plan was to the mamak..haha

wmw said...

A day of good food! Looks like we eat at the same places...with or without other bloggers ;o)

Kenny Mah said...

It's 7:01pm, I'm still at the office and starving. Then I read this. Or rather, devour the photographs. Lau hao sui only...

I so need to go makan-makan with you girls lah... ;)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

barbie: wei, eating is hard work, u know! :-P Puppy dog look doesn't work on me lar...I know how much you eat during the week. *wink*

SWICC: that's the beauty of carrying a handbag, dear. You should carry one. Big handbags are so in now.

wmw: scary, isn't it? lol. looks like we'll be doing this for a long time more...eating at the same places, i mean.

kenny mah: you poor dear. I guess I shouldn't tell you that we're meeting up for dinner soon at a scrumptious restaurant in hartamas. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Such huge burger! Or I should say, thick. Simple yet fantastic eh? :P

Kenny Mah said...

*bawls eyes out*

Why do I keep missing the makan? O woe is me... Next time, I'll just latch on one of you girls and tak lepas tangan till you bawa us somewhere bagus for makan... ;)

Shilpa said...

Wow, how very light the pork and blue cheese burger looks! ;-) Bald Eagle's noodles look like something I could eat for every meal, man...

heh heh, it feels good to know that another modern liberated woman out there also feels guilty about not providing food! :) I don't see why I have to, but at the same time I do feel guilty when I don't, if that makes any sense.. ;-)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

jason: yeah damn thick burger patty. And so yummy!! You wanna add this to your wishlist? lol. Please update your wishlist btw, coz I'm using it as a basis for the coming foodcrawl.

kenny mah: *handing you a tissue* Don't cry time we call you, ok. And don't say you got work lar, book reading lar, body balance lar, movie session lar...just do it.

shilpa: I totally get you, girl! I know I don't need to, this being the 21st century and all that, but somehow, I want to.
I guess you miss Malaysian/ Singaporean food, huh? U got maggi mee over there or not?

GFAD said...

I was casually scrolling down your post when PORK BURGER stopped me in my tracks!! I'm always game for a western place that serves pork!!

You drove all the way from bkt jelutong to dsara heights?? And reached there in 15 mins??

Shilpa said...

Hey gal, are we psychic or what, man? I was about to add you to my favourites, sekali saw that you beat me to it! So shy! Thanks! :)

I feel incomplete not doing something on the stove, I guess, haha.. not so much to feed the hubby but myself, come to think of it...

Yah of course I miss M'sian and S'porean food, but it's really only "exiles" like me who bother to learn how to cook things we take for granted back home, heh heh.. and as an extension, learn how to cook other things in the process..

No chance of you being in S'pore in May? I'm getting on that plane Sunday!! Yippee!! I was hoping to go to KL, but don't want to go alone...

Over here got instant noodles, but not Maggi, only Koka and some Thai and Viet brands. I'm more of a beehoon consumer, so don't feel the loss, haha!

boo_licious said...

pssssst, when are we going here? the pork burger looks yummy and I love bleu cheese (the stinkier the better!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a huge burger! And the korean plate...really like instant noodles ler! Hmmm....pork caramelized with soy sauce....dunno I can replicate at home or not...? Buahahahha!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

big handbag eh..i didnt know it was in fashion for guys..i knw i m metrosexual..but now to that extent ler..

kenny..i invited u wat..dun say nvr ar..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

ka..t: Like you, I like my pork too. *wide grin*. And yeah, it takes only 15 mins to drive from Bkt Jelutong to Damansara Heights. Highway all the way mah. :-)

Shilpa: Thanks for adding me. :-) Anyway, to put on record on my blog, you're such a creative cook lar! Love seeing all your beautiful creations. So finally on your long-awaited break, eh? Hope you'll get to indulge in all your favourite foods in Spore, but seriously tho, KL is worth visiting just for the food, girl.

boo_licious: not tired of us yet ar? The four of us are practically married to each other already lar. hehe. I wanna go back there for the roast pork that wmw keeps drooling over. So when ar? ;-)

tigerfish: yeah, it was a very big burger, and thk God I had The Bald Eagle who helped me eat half of my burger. Lemme analyse the caramelised roasted pork and tell u how it's done, k. Then u can replicate it at home. :-)

SWICC: you can start a trend wat...don't be shy. Once guys figure out how useful handbags are, they'll never wanna be without one. Try Gucci!! Wei, u asked Kenny, but u never ask me ar??? Grrrrrrr.

Kenny Mah said...

Pai seh only... Yah, I know I've been getting invitations but unable to take them up. March and April are crazy months for me. But I'm keeping May ALL OPEN for makan adventures, okay? :D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

kenny mah: no probs dude. WMW has your number (hopefully she hasn't deleted it after all the makan rejections ar..hehe). So how much can you eat? A hearty appetite is a prerequisite for our makan adventures, y'know. And a love for ice-cream is an added bonus.

MeiyeN said...

oooo....korean fried noodles look good! gonna visit this place soon... :)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

meiyen: I think you'll love it. Also, you can order from the other restaurants (eg. Ka Soh, Rib Shop) and have them send the food over.

Henry Yeo said...

You are right about the Korean fried noodles, they do look like Maggi Mee with pork meat thrown over them.

Which is quite funny, because eating at the Korean village in Ampang, they seem to prefer vermicelli to the chinese egg noodles and all their friend noodles will have kimchee in it

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiseh..i thought u coming dis friday wat??..

after may 8th also..lets organise more makan stuff ok..i will free from my stupid exam..

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

henry: maybe this is adulterated korean noodles huh? Anyhow, the stuff tastes good man.

SWICC: Solly ar...I misunderstood ur invitation. Of course I'll be there this Friday. For makan, anytime oso can one.

Anonymous said...

Lyrical Lemongrass: Well, then seems like Boo is keen on trying the burger, how about we go there on Saturday lunch? =)

From Beyond the Wall said...

yo, since when did D'sara Hts snuggle up closer to Bkt Jelutong? I'm definitely giving the pork burger a try.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

jason: sorry dude, Boo won't be able to join us for lunch on Saturday. Anyway, we have a lot on our sched already, don't we? ;-)

from beyond the wall: with my kinda driving, I have even done KLCC to Bukit Jelutong in 20 minutes. ;-) But since this blog is not about how I misbehave on the road, yeah, do try the pork burger with the smelly cheese. so delicious!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...


you guys really dedicated to your craft lah.


Kenny Mah said...

I just need to work out a bit more before the makan session to enlarge my appetite lar... then later can wallop more food down!

And I love ice-cream so no problems there! ;)

(Deleted my number? O no!)

sc said...

the pork burger looks so delicious! *chants* i want pork burger! i want pork burger!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Nigel: dedicated to our craft? hehe. Dahling...we just lurve to eat!

kenny mah: this is an opportunity for us to work start a yoga/body balance session for us foodies so that we can lose weight, and in return, we'll take you to the best makan places. A match made in heaven!

sc: lol. Faster go get your pork burger! Or start a chanting session with the gregorian monks. ;-)

Unknown said...

what a feast..haha..the pork burger looks nice and huge..u manage to finish it?

Kenny Mah said...

Set! I yoga you girls, you girls makan, er, take me makan! :D

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

kampungboycitygal: no lar...I only managed half. The Bald Eagle ate the other half. hehe.

kenny mah: Wei, this is a G rated blog lar. Ok..sometimes PG. hahaha.

Floggers, did u see that...FREE yoga classes!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha... guys can join? :P

Too bad Boo can't join for the foodcrawl :(

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

jason: I'm sure Kenny will love to have guys in his class too, hor Kenny? I just want FREE classes, so I don't really care if there are guys or girls as long as got FREE yoga instructor.

Yeah, too bad Boo can't join us!

wmw said...

Free yoga classes? First lesson on how to bend down to tie shoelaces??? ROFL!

GFAD said...

The Woo Lan post is finally up!! And I linked you for the map - OK?

wmw: today I was in Klang, but I-Po was not open! Maybe I was too early... I was there 5-ish.

KopiSoh said...

wow, dis blog is like tummythoz's and wmw's blog, picture of food x-tra big and delicious looking. Nice :o)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

wmw: 2nd lesson, after bending down, how to straighten up without hurting one's back. lol.

ka..t: Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed Woo Lan...and my name?!?! lol.

firehorse: welcome!! stay and have some food while you're here. :-) Virtual food, that is...hehe.

Anonymous said...

So dat huge pork burger is ur light dinner (???)

wmw said...

Sorry L Lemongrass, reply to Kat...I-Po's opened from 8 am plus till about 4 pm (while stock last). If you had gone at 5, they might have closed for the day already.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

xiu long bao: uhuh.*nodding head* got no self control. sigh.