Friday, November 23, 2007

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant


The mechanism was already in place. Change. Inevitable change. It had become clear to me that I was moving into a different phase of my life.


She leaves in a week. I tease her that she will miss us, but I know that it is only to mask my impending feeling of loneliness. We used to joke that we were like nomads - moving from friend to friend; never quite settled down. I suppose we'll all survive in our new environments. Even if it's 3,000km away. Despite that, I'll probably be able to hear her cackle.


Tonight, the first of many "makan" sessions marks her farewell. Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant in Taman Seputeh is one of our favourite seafood restaurants even if it lacks the seaside atmosphere or the smell of the ocean. Its close proximity to the city spells convenience and brings with it a waft of fumes.

salted egg yolk crabs

The Makan Club's closeness hinges on many things, one of which is crabs. We ordered two types of preparations. The salted egg yolk crabs (RM59) were prepared in a thick sauce that clung to the shells, the saltiness mitigated slightly by a sweetness of taste that was probably due to the addition of sugar.

crabs in3 steamed egg white and superior soup

We loved the crabs steamed with egg white and chinese wine (RM63). The crabs were really fresh and sizeable, while the flesh was naturally sweet. The steamed egg white was plain on its own, but was immediately transformed when eaten with a little wine that had simmered with the crabs. The flavour of the dish was further enhanced by the large amount of shredded ginger thrown into it.

salt baked prawns

The salt-baked (fried?) prawns (RM30) were tasty but I thought it could be a little more crispy. Despite its freshness, the dish didn't excite me.

black-pepper udon

One of the house specialities is the fried black pepper udon (RM20). The thick, wheat noodles dish was fried with lots of black pepper and tasted a little sweetish. Despite the peppery taste that irritated my sore throat, I nevertheless thought this dish was exceptional in spite of its simplicity.

mixed vegetables

The mixed vegetables (RM15) were also very good. I loved the sweetness of the water chestnuts that contrasted well with the other flavours. Also, the contrast of the textures made the dish very enjoyable.

Pretty Pui - thank you for a lovely meal!!

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant
10B, Jalan Permai,
Off Jalan Syed Putra, 50460 KL.

Tel: 03-2274 6216

The good people of AD may view pics HERE.


Nicole said...

I wanna follow u to ur food expedition!!

Anonymous said...

Love the crab..!

Coketai said...

This is an extraordinally food review. You try to express your wonderful food experience to whisper your sadness on a farewell to a lovely friend ( I guess she is migrating!!!)

Really touchig!


yammylicious said...

Crab crab crab!!! Thumz up!! Yammmmmmmm~

HairyBerry said...

a wonderful meal with good friends. that's what makan is all about, isn't it? a rather bittersweet post with delish pics. good job, as usual! dunno much about what's goin on, but cheer up, ya! :>

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sounds sad..well dont worry..drown ur sorrows in food..

eh, i m still waiting for u to take me for lunch

Big Boys Oven said...

those dishes looks really good but the crab dishes are a bit expensive. We should explore chinese food at kuchai lama. We tried some Hunnan dishes recently, the Mao's Pork, it was delicious, was told that their pork was imported from China.

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

nicocoa: Cannnn....hehe.

mamabok: It was absolutely delicious!

coketai: Thanks. She's not migrating, but moving far far away for a few years.

yammylicious: hhehe...gotta love crabs!!

nic: makan club member temporarily ceasing her membership...that's the story. :-P

nipples: you can take me out for lunch oso mah. :-P

BBO: Ooooh....chinese pigs!! slurpz. hehehehe.

MeiyeN said...

awww.. parting with a special friend is indeed very sad.. nvm, technologies surely will never separate both of you *hugz* da dinner you people had, really awesome! i love da crabs..... looked so fresh and delicious! i have never heard of this place.. will try to get my cousins to try since they live nearby , thanks! :D

Bernsy said...

heard a lot about this place...

crab looks so nice.... and the mixed vegetables, is it called 4 dai tin wong (4 heavenly kings) dish or something like that...

Anonymous said...

Eventhough you girls might be far away but technologies will bring you closer. :)

Babe_KL said...

dun be so sad, come eat with the kawans :D

err btw at my first glance at the udon, i thot i saw worms :p

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

meiyen: yeah, thank God for technology! The dinner was really good. I hope you get to try the crabs there.

bernsy: Thank you ar. My chinese quite bad wan. :-P

jason: thanks sweetie. at least I have you guys hor. :-)

babe_kl: WORMS??? LOL. *taking a second look at the pic*

Argus Lou said...

Yuminee-yum! Seafood is another fav of mine, especially those sideways crawling pinchers. Alas! Switz is a land-locked country; still, I'm amazed the supermarkets do sell fresh-tasting fish, prawns and squid (sometimes mussels).
If we wanna sniff the Mediterranean, we hafta go south to Italy or France.

Love your pictures, LL!

msiagirl said...

waah! dat crab is looking at me!Thx for your lovely card with pics of the girls which came in the post today.xx

Anonymous said...

its been awhile since i went to robson..hahaha used to go there alot with my uncle when they started to promote the membership discount thingy hahah..

and their pork hand is absolutely wonderful..

anonymous food eater

Kenny Leong said...

Ahhh... suddenly feel hungry... in the middle of the night...

Cynthia said...

Can I tag along, always when you go out for food? :)

Tummythoz said...

Like d nomad comparison. Lurve d food pix.

Jackson said...

crab crab crab!! yr shooting skill really improve a lot!! Just like a professional food photographer!!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Argus: At least you get fresh seafood...even if you probably have to pay exorbitant prices for them! hehe.

msiagirl: Dat crab wants you! Oh, I'm so glad you got my card. :-)

anonymous: oh, I didn't know they had a membership card. Wonder if they still have that! hehe.

kenny: I don't blame you. I'm hungry too!

cynthia: sure...why not? ;-) Come on over, girl!

tummythoz: thanks!!

jackson: sweet!

G said...

the crabs and prawns look irresistable. Where about is this? near The Mall (aka Yaohan?)