Saturday, December 09, 2006

Road Trip - Ipoh

Part 1

Bouncing Barbie will turn 25 (again) tomorrow, and Pretty Pui, Ecstatic Eeyore and I planned a road trip to Ipoh to celebrate her birthday. Ipoh is located about 215km away from KL, and yours truly volunteered to be the driver for the day. Armed with our trusty X-trail, we began our journey at 7:30am today.

Driving to this city north of Kuala Lumpur, I realised that despite having travelled all over the world, there is so much to be proud of here in Malaysia. Sometimes, the most beautiful thing can be right in front of our eyes, but we miss it because we're too busy looking further.

It was a lovely Saturday morning. The weather was warm, there were blue skies and the only imperfect moment to that beautiful morning was the slightly off-pitch sounds emanating from Pretty Pui's throat as she sang along to Peterpan, an Indonesian band.

The endless chatter, the anticipation of good food and the approaching scenery of limestone hills near Ipoh kept me alert throughout the journey.

The subsequent few blogs will document our food adventure into the realms of the wonderful city of Ipoh.

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