Friday, October 05, 2007

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait *hic*



guinness guinness guinness

Our quest began in London.


For the sake of fulfilling a dream, we took pains to visit the local bars and pubs, mingling with the natives who shared a common interest.


For the sake of research, we drank the dark liquid with most of our meals, taking great pains to examine its complexity and character.


It was hard work.


guinness guinness

Our journey ended in Dublin, Ireland, where we stumbled into the Guinness Brewery, intoxicated with "goodness" and yet thirsting for more. Such was our passion. For the sake of research, of course. *cough*

At the Guinness Storehouse, we discovered (to our great pleasure, of course) that Guinness was often used as an ingredient in Irish cooking. Naturally, we ordered some to be consumed with an exquisite pint of Guinness.

Roast bacon with honey & mustard glaze, Guinness black pudding and mashed potatoes

I've never eaten bacon in any form other than rashers (streaky bacon) or slices of back bacon. So when I was presented with two huge chunks of bacon, one lean and the other a little fatty with a richer flavour, I had a huge grin on my face. The sauce that was slathered on the bacon was a honey and mustard glaze which was creamy with a piquant taste. The black pudding, also known as blood sausages, made of pig's blood and cooked with pig's fat, was cooked with Guinness. The pudding was a little dry in texture and somewhat grainy, but the flavour (no, it didn't taste of fresh blood!), which was like cooked meat, was great.

Toasted cranberry bread with saute beef strips in a Guinness and green peppercorn sauce

Bald Eagle's sautéed beef strips were served with a green peppercorn sauce cooked with Guinness and served on a slice of toasted cranberry bread.

To sample dishes flavoured with Guinness, visit:

St James's Gate
Dublin 8

Tel: + 353 1 408 4800
Fax: + 353 1 408 4965



Big Boys Oven said...

Looking at your Guinness bring back fond memories. I can still imagine myself and my irishmates having pints after pints of Guinness at the local pub down the road just outside my research lab on every friday. That story was at least 12years ago. Time do passes by so fast.
Great to know of your incredible findings over there. Have fun and eat more!

team bsg said...

allllas....cough...cough...blinnk if only....but...well...we wouldn't have done it for anything ( no no ! no research pleeeeeeeaseee dearest) else other than 'cough'...a h e m 'hicccccupsss' ...l o v e..u know..darli@" oooooohhh ...oh ware were v honey..r u ..cough...cough...
btw this ain't no shrek the third
:) :) :) :///////

FireHorse said...

All I know is that if Stout put on hair will help make it grow more, hehe.

Henry Yeo said...

sorry, was too imbibed while in UK to remember what they used to the cooking.

barbie said...

:-D Looks like u're spending more time shopping for food this time round. Good to know u're having fun, and the pics looked absolutely gorgeous!! Hmm, u mean u can still hold the camera steady after all that drinking?? Well done!

Jackson said...

OMG!!! i wish im there!!!

daphne said...

hehe.. that's alot of hics. ;p pass me the beer, I want some of that too. =)

k.t.x said...

gawd, ahem, oh. i mean, all the way huh? coool. u dint do this for me did u? lol. guinness is really THE drink man. did u actually glup it down at ease or with much force? lol.


Bernsy said...

Tonight I bottoms up for you !! Will be downing some stout tonight.. yummy !!

sc said...

makes me wanna have a pint too! :)

Angela said...

I would have to agree.
Guinness is a good way to start the night.

Tummythoz said...

Looks like high quality ad pix! Awesome.

UnkaLeong said...

"A pint of the black stuff please" ar

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

Isn't Guiness amazing in it's Hometown? SOOOOO much better, nuttier, smoother, creamier than it is here. AND you can drink more before you keel over!

mama bok said...

Not a stout drinker.. but the dishes sure looks great..!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh..even intoxicated u can reproduce such pictures..full respect haha..can u tapau some of these fresh from the tap as well?

Cynthia said...

Guiness is really big here in the Caribbean but I've never had one. Too much bitterness for me :)

Argus Lou said...

Good things come to those who *hic*

Aha, the blood sausage thingie!

I was in a dirndl at the Oktoberfest in Munich Thursday evening, Lyrical. Had a sip of my other half's one-litre beer - quite herbal and not bitter, nice! Went on the Toboggan and Eurostar - fun!

wmw said...

Lovely...but I must give that black pudding a miss! Hehehe...

Precious Pea said...

The bacon you had looks so yummy. I know you can't finish your portion, how i wish i could offer you my assistance.

babe_kl said...

yr post inspire me to get down with the recipes i've slated to make haha yum seng sista!

msiagirl said...

Happy journeying and look forward to your posts again when you get back today! hugs!

Paprika said...

phwooooarrrhhhh!!! Thats all I can say. Oh and lucky cow!

Rasa Malaysia said...

You bought a new camera? What did you get?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

BBO: I guess some things won't change. :-)

team bsg: LOL. This would be your kinda heaven, eh?

firehorse: hehehe. Lotsa home remedies for guinness, i bet!

henry: I don't blame ya!

barbie: still did a lot of shopping, dear. :-P (I'm good at multitasking)

jackson: u shud go. don't wait until u're old and grey.

daphne: one beer coming up! :-D

k.t.x: u'll just have to watch me in action. ROFL.

bernsy: maybe one day we'll do a virtual (simultaneous) drinks session, eh? :-)

sc: one day, we'll go out for a drink, k! :-)

angela: absolutely! :-D

tummythoz: waiting for the offers to come in, but nothing leh. :-P

unkaleong: u sure need it after seeing how i'm whoopin ur ass in Pirates!

nigel: best of all, don't need to drive home. heehee.

mama bok: aaah...the first comment abt the food! LOL. Yeah, the food was good too.

Nipples: ta pau in a plastic bag tied with a string in the corner ah?

cynthia: yeah, it is kinda bitter, isn't it? I'm gonna try it in my cooking one day. :-)

argus: saw your pics. so cute la! Wah, u sure had fun at the Oktoberfest! One day.....*daydreaming*.....(planning trip for Oct some time in the future)

wmw: awww. that black pudding is virtually unrecognisable. U'll like it. :-)

precious pea: LOL! yeah, i wish you were there too! U're a good backup makan kaki. LOL.

babe kl: hehehe. I can't wait to see ur posts, girl!!

msiagirl: thanks. I've been back for 3 days already, but still can't get my fingers moving for a new post. Overwhelmed by the number of pics I gotta sort la!

paprika: LOL. Well said. Would be great if we could organise a trip abroad together, hor.

rasa malaysia: Yep, hubby got me a new camera for my bday this year. It's a Canon EOS 400D. *wide grin* I LURVE it!!

kat said...

OD-ed on guiness or not?? :D
You gonna change the image of ahpek drinking guiness in kedai kopi to something hipper??

♪guiness stout.. is good for you! ♫♪

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

kat: the ah pek put on a suit and became whatzisname the guy who tried to look cool but failed?...oh yah...adam king hor.